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Building Character

My love, I must go

I must follow my heart

Cross rivers, burn bridges,

Make beautiful art,

Yet the Harvest moon rises

And glints in your eyes

And I feel if I leave that

I surely will die.

Last summer you said

As I poured you red wine,

We lay in a meadow

Our hands intertwined,

“My love, can’t you see it,

My beautiful girl,

You’re not mine to tame

You’re too good for this world.”

I laugh, flip my long brown hair

Out of my eyes,

To take a good look at this

Lover who lies,

Yet here, one year later,

We stand in gray smoke,

“Train’s leaving,” you say

Wishing it were a joke.

My shoes don the platform

I turn round and wave,

My tears taste of honey and

Sea salt and sage.

I know I must leave

And must do it alone,

You knew better than me

I’m not meant to be owned.

Yet what is this terrible

Heartbreak I know,

Silently pond’ring

As it starts to snow.

A life for a life,

It seems only fair,

Yet that damn “building character’s”

So hard to bear.

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