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Another ongoing project I'm involved in at the moment is through Nature & Nurture Seeds. It's called Seeds of Our Ancestors. The idea for the project is as follows (text borrowed from the Nature & Nurture website):

"No matter who we are, we are the descendants of long lines of food traditions, even if those traditions may be lost to us today. Our ancestors grew and prepared foods shaped by cultural traditions in order to keep bellies full, grow strong children and celebrate life together. These food traditions, passed down over generations, gave our ancestors a sense of rootedness, meaning, connection, and belonging that so many of us yearn for today. This included honoring and passing down the seeds that were important to these food traditions: our ancestral seeds.


Photo cred: Nature & Nurture Seeds

In this series we dig into, highlight, search for and celebrate America's ancestral seeds and stories, in this place that we call home - the Midwest. We have been inspired by so many people in this work. Indigenous Seedkeeper, Rowen White, who first introduced us to the concept of ancestral seeds. We are also so grateful for inspiration and guidance from Valerie Kaur, who says that it is time to reclaim love as a force for justice. She calls this Revolutionary Love. It is a revolution of the heart - it encourages a new way of being and seeing that leaves no one outside of our circle of care. She encourages us to build beloved community where we are. She says "In an era of great transition, we believe that we can birth a world where we see no stranger. Each of us has a role. When we lead with love, we labor with joy." 


In doing so we hope that you are encouraged to explore (and share with us!) your ancestral food traditions and to wonder about the stories of others so that we may share connection across divides and tend our hearts as we tend our gardens."

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