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Lullaby to Myself

My love, my sweet angel,

You’re perfect, my dove,

Sleep deeply and drift

Through the clouds up above.

Only good things will

Await you, my dear,

You never need worry

Nor panic nor fear.

I see a bright future that’s

Headed your way

Regardless of what all

The others might say.

You’re smarter and stronger

Than you’ll ever know

Just like the boxer’s

More brave with each blow.

The blows have been frequent

And constant and hard,

And often you feel like

You’ll always be scarred.

Yet do you remember

The time you were five,

And there was an apple,

Behind it a hive.

The wasp sting hurt bad

But the apple was sweet,

Its juices flowed down

From your mouth to your feet.

And can you recall

When you were in love,

With stars in your eyes,

And lust in your blood.

You probably knew

Even right from the start

That months, maybe years from now,

They’d break your heart.

There you go, darling,

Just dancing through life

Through all of the joys

And the heartache and strife.

Love, I’m so proud of you

Lord, can’t you see?

How special you are

How unique and how free.

For you understand

At a young twenty-four

That you’re more than your thoughts

Which inside your head war.

You’re more than a story

Yet that’s why you’re here,

So one day you’ll tell it

For loved ones to hear,

Just as this lullaby

Helps you to breathe,

Eases your spirit,

Gives you reprieve,

Have faith, my dear,

That one day you’ll tell

Your story to people

To fill their hearts’ well.

So dream big and live large,

Don’t settle for less,

But at the same time dear

There’s no need to stress.

A part of you already

Knows what you need,

It knows all the tricks

That you need to succeed.

So sleep now, my babe,

Have faith that in time,

You’ll have joy in your heart and

You’ll turn out just fine.

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