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Chasing Sunsets

A part of me

(That part is God)

It thinks that it can find,

The part of life

Worth living for

Through vehicle of mind.

It thinks and ponders


The gears turn round and round,

Mulling over

Ancient texts

‘Til some Truth can be found.

But deep inside

Another part

Just wants to live a life,

Of gratitude

Of normalcy,

God, minimize my strife!

This part of me,

(The human part)

Where love and loss abide,

Works hard to see

Its feelings as

The changing of the tides.

While Godly yearns

For sweet release

Back up into the sky,

Thinking that

The vantage point

Is better way up high.

I must confess

Both parts of me

Are often full of shit,

‘Cause countless others

Just like me

Have dug the same damned pit.

Yet something tugs me

Softly back

It’s warm and bright and full,

It’s soft as silk

Yet hardy as

A sweater made of wool.

Everyone can feel it

Though through different words


This feeling that

Keeps causing us to

Chase the sunset west.

We know we’ll never catch it

Yet its beauty

Draws us near

Now and then

We get a glimpse

And always shed a tear.

Sweet paradox,

I’d give my life

To kiss your rosy lips.

A golden web to

Catch me or a

Misty, dark abyss?

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