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Rage Matters

I’d feel better if

My rage were a useful

Friend but

How can I point the

Arrow of my fury at

12 different bullseyes and

Hit them all?

Turn the bullseye

Into a bomb

That turns all

To dust

Then add water

To form the clay by which

We will

Create the tools of our


And of our

Childrens’ future.

I want to believe

That I can make a difference

That I can

Work with the solid

Icy block we have been given

Hold it sweetly

Between my aching palms

And transform it into

Water that trickles gently

Over our sweaty brows,

Cooling the fever of our fury.

I want to burn bright

Yet not

Be consumed

By the flames

Of my own

Grief and

Rage and

Love and

Everything that makes me so

Beautifully and crookedly


To allow ourselves to be engulfed by

Our own

Tsunami of reactions

To the faults and perfections of others

Is unstable,


And deeply honest.

And yet,

To greet anger as a friend


We find

We can swim.

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2 commentaires

Andrea Torrey Balsara
Andrea Torrey Balsara
13 mai 2022

So beautiful. I understand the tsunami of emotions and learning to make

friends with our rage. Underneath the reactionary rage there is a wisdom and stillness.

07 juin 2022
En réponse à

Absolutely, Andrea. It's such an important emotion that we often approach with fear and avoidance instead of gentleness and curiosity. There is so much wisdom there though, you're right!


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