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Illustrated White Cats

a slice from the life
of a gingerbread girl.


Drawing of Hedgehog

Climate Change

May 9, 2023

Could we all try being A little less opinionated These days And agree that When the sun catches The wings of the raven For a fleeting...

There is Only One Rule

May 3, 2023

You can’t crack a poem As you can an egg or A nut, Insides gooey and Shattered, Respectively. Instead, you must Gaze at each Untarnished...


May 5, 2023

One rain-spattered afternoon In Portland I wander with Vague direction down Glistening streets Still swelling at the lingering taste Of...

Breathing Underwater

May 1, 2023

My head sags between my thighs After I stumble into the carport Sweating away the thrill Subsiding into Everything. Naked Stripped of...


'The White Owl'_edited.png

Rage Matters

Mar 5, 2022

I’d feel better if My rage were a useful Friend but How can I point the Arrow of my fury at 12 different bullseyes and Hit them all? Turn...


Feb 21, 2022

Stop this mad Doing. Unfold into the bright light of Being.


about grace.

This is me holding my Trusty Poetry Journal. All you need to know for now is that I am an avid student and seeker of truth (that's a lowercase "t," friends, because is there really one Truth?). Other tidbits concerning my life will shine through my writing, I am sure, which will include everything from poems to mindfulness to mama earth to health to homesteading and everything they intersect with, including each other. So, my dear fellow humans, read on!

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"To wait beyond what we think we can bear is how things within turn sweet."

Mark Nepo

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